Vuglec Breg

The Vuglec Breg tourist village is the product of the creative and romanticist vision of the Vuglec family who wanted to preserve the legacy of their Vuglec ancestors as something that has permanent value.

Pri kleti

The cosy atmosphere of Pri kleti is the ideal place to experience superb cuisine. Its unique Zagorje-style interior, open fireplace and a thatched-roof terrace radiate warmth and a special atmosphere which will remind you of home. The forgotten old recipes of ‘grandma’s cooking’ come back to life in the kitchen and on the tables of this restaurant.
The best chefs ensure that only the best of dishes are served, using home-made products and local supplies.
The restaurant makes a special effort to use all the staff’s knowledge combined with a spontaneous and friendly approach in order to meet all the demands of its guests.

Gazebo and Grandma Roza’s Stone Oven

An addition to the restaurant is the gazebo and summer terrace surrounded by vineyards, with a real stone oven and a wood-fired barbecue, in addition to a summer bar.
Specialties from Grandma Roza’s oven include various types of homemade bread, traditional Zagorje pastry called štrukli, lamb leg, goose, turkey and other dishes which make it a truly special dining menu.

Pelnica Bar

Apart from serving delicious dishes, a wide choice of beverages is also important to any guest. The wide choice of Croatian wines from the bar’s cellar, as well as the homemade rakija brandy, are the most important part of the selection of beverages on offer at Pelnica, but the selection is much wider. Pelnica is part of the restaurant, and is a cozy corner for friendly conversation accompanied by a nice glass of wine.