This alpine hut, which is run by the Strahinjčica Alpine Society is located on Mount Strahinjčica, at an altitude of 618 metres. The hut is made entirely of stone.

The alpine hut is open from 1 April to 11 November, from 10 am on Saturdays to 6 pm on Sundays, but if arranged, can also be open at other times.

The terrace offers a gorgeous view of the valley surrounding Krapina and other villages and extends all the way to Mt Medvednica.
The alpine hut has 36 beds in 4 bedrooms on the first floor, one of which has two beds. Some of the bedrooms have bunk beds, and there are 10 extra mattresses in the hut.

An overnight stay for mountaineers is HRK 30.00, and HRK 60.00 for other visitors; a daily change of linen costs HRK 10.00.

The hut has a common room which can seat 50 people, a bar with 15 bar stools, a kitchen that complies with modern hygiene and safety standards, a bathroom and shower. Water is supplied from the water tank connected to the town’s supply network. The cellar has a winter room that can seat 15 people. An external bathroom with showers and a sink is close by.
The open terrace can seat approximately 150 guests, while the roofed terrace with tables and benches can seat 25 guests.
Barbecue and spit roasting facilities are available next to the alpine hut.

Information: +385 (0)91-677-67-70,