The Vuglec Breg tourist village is the product of the creative and romanticist vision of the Vuglec family who wanted to preserve the legacy of their Vuglec ancestors as something that has permanent value.

The guiding concept was to create a unique atmosphere and provide guests with a supreme experience and joy in the real natural surroundings of the Croatian Zagorje region. This has been achieved by combining the traditions of the region with modern standards of the tourism industry.
The attention and friendliness of the staff at the magical and romantic Vuglec Breg offers guests an unforgettable experience. Welcome!
Vuglec Breg is a complex of four authentic traditional Zagorje cottages, renovated and upgraded in the traditional style and equipped with all modern tourist requirements and standards.

Each of the houses has been renovated and decorated with special care. Their external appearance and surroundings have been decorated and landscaped in accordance with tradition, immersing the entire village in the spirit of the old times.
The inside of each cottage is unique and simple, and meets visitors’ needs for comfort. Each house also carries its own story from the past, receiving their names from their former owners.

Information: +385 (0)49 345 015, +385 (0)98-606-780,