60 kn

30 kn

30 kn

Bilikum white 100 kn

Bilikum white 10 kn

Bilikum white 20 kn

Krapinski sudec 110 kn

Krapinski sudec

Fan 25 kn

“In memory of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Dr Ljudevit Gaj in Krapina, 1809-1909”

Old Town 50 kn

A ceramic model of the Old Town, the mediaeval residence of kings, the ban and the place where parliamentary sessions were held.
“Up on the hill is the Krapina Old Town, where pine trees and chestnuts provide a shady crown” (D. Vragović-Krce)

Goblet 50 kn

Ceramic wine vessel with the town’s coat of arms

Old postcards 20 kn

Eighteen postcards from Krapina dating from the beginning of the 20th century which belong to the Marijan Tenšek collection

Gaj figurine 120 kn

This unique souvenir by the author Ivana Matijević represents Dr Gaj in the Illyrian uniform worn by the members of the Illyrian movement on festive occasions.

Bag 900 kn

Ivana Matijević has created this unique souvenir – the Dr Gaj bag with the Illyrian coat of arms in the middle, consisting of a chequerboard in one field, and a six-pointed star and a crescent moon in the other field.

Gold on your plate – book of recipes 35 kn

The author of the book, Božena Zernec, has collected sweet and savoury dishes made from corn, which was the staple food among the poorest.